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How does a student become a standout in a sea of peers with similar qualifications? What traits contribute to a young person’s success? In Ingredients of Young Outliers: Achieving Your Most Amazing Future, author John Shufeldt explores the traits of extraordinary individuals identified over nearly three decades of his professional career. While guiding teens and young adults through these characteristics, he inspires them to step outside of their comfort zones and join the ranks of the outliers.

Although John has spent 29 years in school, from elementary school through three graduate degrees, his life as a young student was rarely easy. His middle school and high school years were marked with barely passing grades, and many seasons warming benches in sports. Although he pressed on to improve his academics in college as a pre-med student, becoming a doctor and eventually a business entrepreneur and attorney, he could have avoided many pitfalls along the way with a little guidance.

John’s goal in writing Ingredients of Young Outliers was to serve as a surrogate mentor to teens and young adults, incorporating his most valuable lessons through his amusing misadventures, while also sharing the less highlighted stories of notable individuals who faced challenges on their way to success. Theses anecdotes are condensed into an approachable and humorous guide, making the pursuit of excellence a less intimidating journey for teens and young adults.

Ingredients of Young Outliers is preceded by Ingredients of Outliers: A Recipe for Personal Achievement, published in June 2013. The Outlier Series will include at least eight other books highlighting various career fields.

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