Ingredients of Outliers: A Recipe for Personal Achievement [LEADERSHIP BOOK]


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Outlier: An exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement.

How do they do it? Those high achieving individuals who get their “lucky break”, whose invention or idea becomes a huge success, and they become distinguished as a leading expert in their field- with speaking gigs, media exposure and book deals. This quintessential handbook exposes the x-factor, that extra something, which fuels them, and teaches us to unleash our own untapped potential in these extraordinary individuals we call “outliers”.

As a serial student, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, author, speaker and physician, John Shufeldt has studied the traits and qualities of extraordinary individuals for over three decades. A life-altering guide packed with accounts from John’s personal endeavors, those of historical figures, and influential acquaintances. Ingredients of Outliers will guide you toward finding the ingredients in the “secret sauce” that makes an individual go from average to extraordinary and will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone to join the ranks of the

There is an abundance of humor and enlightenment in this 169-page non-fiction book. Each one of the 16-chapters in the book focuses on a different attribute that outliers demonstrate. The chapter topics include humility, failure, persistence, preparation, communication, imperturbability, tolerating risk, kindness, learning, optimism, perspective, indefatigability, efficiency, integrity, intuition and being one of a kind.

In addition, with stories from great outliers from the past, like Ray Kroc, Dr. Seuss, Fred Astaire, and Theodore Roosevelt, in addition to narratives of the accomplishments of everyday people, the reader will become inspired to push past their own personal obstacles which are blocking them from living out their greatest story possible.

Practicing the 16 identified ingredients is sure to not only bring about the most successful you possible, but inspire others that they too can join you on the journey as you lead well, mentor, and innovate, teaching them to make their biggest positive impact on the world.

Ingredients of Outliers is the foundational book in the Outlier Series, which includes fourteen additional books; 11 of which are scheduled to publish over the course of 2015. The books in the series will introduce students, or prospective professionals in several fields of interest, to the insider tips on becoming an outlier in their respective profession. Readers can expect the series to include careers in: medicine, education, writing / journalism, health, sports, entrepreneurism / business, music, science, the arts / entertainment, and service to mankind/ to country, . The series also features a teen and young adults leadership book, Ingredients of Young Outliers, and a women’s leadership book, Ingredients of Outliers: Women Game Changers

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